Talsinki Pirate Weekend #2 in Tallinn

There will be an open general assembly of Estonian Pirate Party on Sat 21st of May from 10 to 14, but it will be introduced by series of activist events starting from Thu 19th. The main day will be Fri 20th, where you can participate and help with:

  • "Nothing to hide" protest campaign with fake surveillance cams, starting with workshop @Pudeli baar.
  • Panel interview about whistleblower protection and government transparency feat Julia Reda. [1]
  • Battle rap challenge to Kaur Kender to see if we accept him as our candidate for Estonian president. [2]
  • Copyright light music night @Kultuuriklubi Kelm. [3]
  • Lots of encounters and ad hoc campaigning in the heat of the night as well as discussions to prepare general assembly of PP-EE and Talsinki cooperation.

We will organize on Twitter with the hashtags #talsinki, #pirates and #talsinkipirates for most important announcements and for your convenience we have also created a Facebook event.

CC BY 4.0 TrueActivist.com http://www.trueactivist.com/creepy-art-installations-reveal-how-youre-always-under-surveillance/

The point of the event is to engage in practical activism more like in a manner of learning-by-doing and inspiring each other than formally top-down discussing, introducing etc stuff in a way of conferences, panels, seminars etc. So we have concentrated in making our events and side-events accessible to everybody interested minimizing formal barriers. Just join us and engage where you see fit. We will be as open and excellent as we can and hopefully everybody will have interesting experiences, new ideas, contacts and future plans to take with them from our events.

You are strongly encouraged to bring your specific skills with you and help where you can, be it slacktivism on social media, graphical design, explaining pirate ideas to layman on the street, using cameras and microphones to record our activities, playing copyright light dance music or climbing walls to install fake surveillance cams, basically anyhing goes. Pirate movement is what we as persons make it to be and if you are here, you are already a pirate and noone can question that. [4]

We have also collected some Saturday night extras for interesting perspectives beyond Pirate movement.

Sunday is currenty left for unofficial idling around and eventual recaps.

Talsinki Pirates is an initatiave by the Pirates of the Finnish Gulf to foster cooperation and sharing of resources between Piraattipuolue and Piraadipartei as well as to start joint projects to bring sensible information society to shores of the Gulf of Finland. Talsinki Pirate Weekend has become a codename for loosely organized meetings of Estonian and Finnish Pirates for discussing pirate policy, taking part of each others campaigns and just having fun together at the weekend. This is the second event in the series. [8]

[1] https://juliareda.eu/2016/05/a-whistleblower-directive-for-europe-2/
[2] http://news.err.ee/v/opinion/2ae52f05-b9c4-41b1-a8d0-be80a8f6d44b/its-the-21st-century-and-estonia-is-banning-books
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